The hour of the Barista

Learn the secrets from a fun and amazing Barista

Since over 10 years, charismatic Kike Salar produces selected roasted coffee, following the footpath of his father.

His two hour barista course in the comfort of your own home offers a lot of fun & insight on the bean, its variety, its quality and its roasting process.
Kike will turn you into a professional in  making the perfect cup of coffee, may it be a Ristretto or a Latte Machiato.

Why this is fun and inspiring:

• Learn about the different coffee beans and its provedence
• Gain insight on the bean toasting process and how to detect the difference in quality.
• Get taught how to make your favorite cup of coffee
• Have a good laugh with the funniest Coffee maker the island has to offer


Kike is a real Cosmo-Mallorquin with two passions: Coffee and fast Classical cars. He is equipped with a great sense of humor and vast knowledge and love for good Food and spanish wines. Feel entertained with him!


The hour of the barrista

From: 129,00

Majorca, Spain
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